Wine Racks

With our wall mounted wine racks, bottle and glass racks you have a unique way to create a display on your wall unlike any other. Customers can clear up cupboard space and create a great talking point for an evenings entertaining. These would be equally well suited to a kitchen or dining room as well as a boutique bar or restaurant.

You don’t need to hide away your most treasured vintage bottles, why not make them part of a interesting and quirky wall feature. If you are a wine loving connoisseur with a blank looking wall then this is the perfect addition for you!

We hand make our entire range, to order from sustainably sourced European Oak. You can select your design, size and finish and we will make it just for you. We can widely customise each product and extended it beyond our standard range to suit your exact needs. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a completely bespoke design.

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