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Honeycomb Hexagon Shelf Wall Decal Set – Yellow/Dark

From: £4.49

Available in six standard kit sizes, select an option to view an example kit layout.


Product Description

For nature and bee lovers, this vinyl wall decal is a fantastic addition to our hexagon wall shelves that will bring any room to life! We offer a set of six standard kit sizes, which includes everything you will need; the hexagon shelves and enough vinyl wall decals to re-create the feature, just add your own creativity!

The honeycomb wall decal comes supplied in pieces that match the size of our hexagon shelves. They have a mask layer applied so that fitting and alignment is straightforward. To create the partial pieces of honeycomb as shown, simply cut down the decal into smaller sections before applying it.

You can arrange the shelves and wall decals in any layout or shape that you like. We have shown examples of this here just to give you a starting point. The wall decal can be fitted inside or outside of the shelves to create a range of different scenes.

Shown here in a yellow colour as standard including dark oak hexagon shelves. We can source the wall decals in a range of alternative colours, not to mention you can combine them with any of the other finishes of our hexagon shelves. You could even add in some painted ones for another dimension of colour. Please contact us if you would like a different combination to the standard, as some combinations will incur an extra charge.

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