GripIt 15mm Plasterboard Fixing (Yellow)

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For medium to heavy loads, such as curtains, blinds, audio visual equipment, mirrors and pictures.

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Product Description

Using their uniquely patented designed slim gripping wings, GripIt Fixings fold out in the gap behind the plasterboard to create one of the most effective and secure fixings on the market today. Available in varying sizes, the GripIt 15mm Plasterboard Fixing (Yellow) is designed for medium to heavy loads up to 71kg. For example, curtains, blinds, audio visual equipment, mirrors and pictures.

For heavier loads, take a look at the GripIt 18mm Plasterboard Fixing (Red) or GripIt 20mm Plasterboard Fixing (Brown).

If the GripIt is too wide for your application, such as a slimline floating shelf, try the fischer DuoTec Plasterboard Toggle Fixing.

GripIt 15mm Plasterboard Fixing Advantages

  • Easy to fit
  • Reusable and removable fittings
  • The design spreads the load over twice the diameter of the fixing. Thus ensuring the even distribution of any stresses over a wide area.
  • GripIt 15mm Plasterboard Fixing (Yellow) holds up to 71kg (safe load)
  • Comes with Gripit 4 x 25mm screws


  • The GripIt 15mm Plasterboard Fixing (Yellow) is suitable for use in 9.5 to 15mm thick plasterboard.
  • Mark the location, drill the hole using the recommended size flat bit and tap in the GripIt. Push in the insert with a screwdriver and a simple twist spreads the GripIt wings behind the board.
  • If you encounter double thickness plasterboard or dot and dab adhesive, an undercutting tool accessory will create a recess for the wings to rotate into place.

If you are unsure what type of wall you have, check out our blog post what type of wall do I have? for some tips and advice on how to identify your wall type.



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