Drill Bits

A tried and tested selection of masonry drill bits and auger bits. Quality tools for drilling and installing floating shelves and other wall hanging items.

We stock a range of types and sizes, which you will need to fit floating shelves with our own range of floating shelf brackets. The Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets and Multi Wall Concealed Floating Shelf Brackets. Use an auger bit for drilling the bracket hole in the back of the shelf. Use a masonry drill bit for drilling the holes in solid walls.

Masonry drill bits are designed for drilling holes in hard, solid building materials like brick, breeze block and stone. You can identify a masonry drill bit by its wide head with a shallow point. This type of head is easily able to grind down the masonry without slipping on the surface, cracking or splitting the masonry.

Auger bits are one of many types of wood drill bits, specifically designed for fast drilling of deep holes in hard and soft woods. This makes them perfect for drilling shelves and other types of furniture. They feature a sharp, threaded tip at the end, which helps to pull the auger bit into the wood. This means you do not need to apply a lot of pressure when drilling. Auger bits also have an open spiral flute, which directs the wood shavings up and out of the hole when drilling, stopping clogs.

Flat drill bits are also known as spade bits or paddle bits due to their shape. Use them for drilling large diameter holes in soft woods and light duty materials like plasterboard. Three cutting points make them a quick and easy solution for clean drilling.

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