Frame Fixings

Frame fixings are designed to fix materials together without damaging the surface. They are typically used in construction for fixing wood and metal frames to masonry and concrete walls. They are suitable for both internal and external use.

We stock a range of fischer frame fixings, with varying size options for a wide variety of applications. Use them for door linings made from timber, uPVC, aluminium or steel. Use fischer fixings for ceiling and roof substructures such as joist hangers made of wood and metal. Frame fixings are used to secure uPVC, timber, steel and aluminium window frames to brickwork, masonry or concrete. Gates and outdoor timber installations are also typical applications. Wardrobes, heavy duty kitchen hanging cabinets, squared timbers and beams may also commonly utilise them, just to name a few.

Below is a description of the various types of fischer fixing that we stock and their recommended application.

SXR, SXRL and DuoXpand – FUS frame fixings have a hexagonal head and moulded washer. These are particularly recommended for fixing metal constructions to brickwork such as balustrades, angle and constructional steel plates.

SXR, SXRL and DuoXpand – T fixings have a countersunk head. These are particularly recommended for fitting timber constructions such as timber door and window frames.

Hammerfix N-F fixings have a flat head which makes them ideal for the fixing of metal and plastic constructions. For example, box section conduit and electrical trunking in all building materials.

Hammerfix N-S frame fixings have a countersunk head making them ideal for the fixing of wood constructions, plaster and general wall connections. These are also recommended for installing cable and pipe clips in all building materials.

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