Steel Fixings

We have various types of steel fixings available, including sleeve anchors, bolt anchors and hammerset anchors. These heavy duty steel fixings are the ideal solution for anchoring structural and non-structural systems in masonry.

The fischer sleeve anchors, such as the FSA-B Sleeve Anchor and FSA-S Sleeve Anchor are both suitable for fixing items like gates, ladders and handrails to non-cracked concrete and dense natural stone. The sleeve anchors work by the sleeve expanding against the wall of the drill hole once the screw is tight.

If you are looking for a more heavy duty anchor, opt for a variation of the FH II Sleeve Anchor. This has international approval for use in certain earthquake zones. This steel fixing is suitable for use in both cracked and non-cracked concrete, plus natural stone. Use it to secure machines and staircases. Gates, ladders and handrails are also suitable as above.

Bolt anchors have the same purpose as sleeve anchors, securing heavy duty objects into masonry. Instead of an expanding sleeve, they have a clip that expands when the nut is tight. Use for timber and steel constructions, plus machinery, staircases and railings. Opt for the FAZ II Bolt Anchor if you have cracked concrete, as the FBN II Bolt Anchor is only suitable for non-cracked concrete. We specifically recommend the FBN II if you require a steel fixing for external areas. This is because the majority of sizes are made from hot dipped galvanised steel.

Finally, the hammerset anchor also has a sleeve that expands. It does not come with a screw or rod but it suited for accepting studding, threaded bar and bolt threads. We advise using the fischer Hammerset Anchor EA II for fixing pipework, ducting, trunking and struts to concrete and stone.

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