fischer Bolt Anchor FAZ II Plus

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The FAZ II Plus is a zinc plated steel bolt anchor for securing heavy loads into masonry.


Size guide – Drill Diameter x Overall Length / Max. Usable Length

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Product Description

The fischer Bolt Anchor FAZ II Plus is the new and improved version of the original FAZ II. Like its predecessor, the FAZ II Plus is a zinc plated steel anchor for securing heavy loads into masonry. This includes both cracked and non-cracked concrete.

However it is easier and faster to install, as cleaning the drill hole beforehand is no longer required (8mm-24mm diameters). New ETA assessments also mean the FAZ II Plus’ tensile strengths have increased decisively, more substrate materials are approved, it can absorb seismic loads and support dynamic loads.

The FAZ II Plus is ideal for the anchoring of railings, machinery and timber and steel constructions, just to name a few. Diameters 16mm-24mm are also suitable for fixing dynamics loads, such as lifting platforms, conveyor belts and pumps.

If you require a bolt anchor to use externally, we recommend the fischer Bolt Anchor FBN II (HDG option).

fischer Bolt Anchor FAZ II Plus Advantages

  • According to the new ETA evaluation, the tensile strengths increase decisively. Thus fewer fixing points and anchors are required.
  • The variable anchorage depths allow a millimetre accurate adjustment to the loads.
  • Quicker and easier installation for diameter 8mm-24mm as there is no need for cleaning the drill hole.
  • High loads in case of fire and seismic events (C1 and C2).
  • Now approved for both static and dynamic loads (the latter applies to diameters 16mm-24mm).
  • 120 year service life (10mm-24mm diameters).

fischer Bolt Anchor FAZ II Plus Functioning

  • The FAZ II is suitable for pre-positioned and push-through installation and is also ideal for stand-off installation thanks to the long thread.
  • When applying the torque, the cone bolt pulls into the expansion sleeve and expands it against the drill hole wall.
  • The anchor is set in line with the approval once the preset installation torque is achieved.
  • In the case of series installation, we recommend using the FABS or FA-ST II anchor bolt setting tools.
  • Highest seismic loads for diameters 10mm-24mm with and without the use of the FFD filling disc. (Performance category C1 and C2.)

Building Materials

Below are some examples of installation for the fischer Bolt Anchor FAZ II Plus within different wall types.

Approved for:

  • Concrete C20/25 to C50/60, cracked and non-cracked

Also suitable for:

  • Concrete C12/15 (classification available)
  • Concrete C80/95 (classification available)
  • Steel fibre concrete (classification available)
  • Solid sand lime brick (classification available)


Steel constructions | Guard rails | Consoles | Ladders | Cable trays | Machines | Staircases | Gates | Façades | Timber constructions | Conveyor belts | Pumps | Lifting platforms

Installation Examples

Below are some examples of installation for this product within different wall types. If you are unsure of what type of wall you may have then please see our guide on What Type of Wall Do I Have?

Concrete Installation

fischer Bolt Anchor FAZ II Plus Declaration of Performance

fischer Bolt Anchor FAZ II Plus ETA Assessment

fischer Bolt Anchor FAZ II Plus Dynamic Load Ratings

fischer Bolt Anchor FAZ II Plus Load Ratings


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