Sanitary Fixings

Choose fischer sanitary fixings to easily install your bathroom items such as toilet pans and sink basins. Water proof wall plugs allow the proper installation of wall fixtures in showers and wet areas.

Sanitary Fixing Kits are available for ceramic wash basins, sinks, urinals, boilers and more. These kits come with a universal wall plug to suit most wall types. For example, solid material such as brick, stone and concrete. Hollow material such as hollow concrete blocks. Finally, board material such as plasterboard and drywall. Sanitary fixings also accommodate fitment into tiled wall and floor surfaces. The fixing nut and/or collar are synthetic, so that the sanitary fixings give the ceramic maximum protection against damage during installation.

The Fischer DuoSeal Wall Plug is a top sealing wall plug for wet areas. Its tried and tested watertight seal means no separate sealing compound is needed. Water ingress behind tiles and wall substrates is eliminated. The included stainless steel screw will not rust. Therefore it is perfect for hanging bathroom accessories like mirrors, shelves and shower panels. Also suitable for use in other areas exposed to water such as kitchens, spas and pools. The DuoSeal Wall Plug will work as a sanitary fixing in both solid and plasterboard walls. Tiled walls and floors with both plasterboard and solid wall substrates.

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