Chemical Fixings

Chemical fixings may also be referred to as chemical anchors, resin anchors or chem fix anchors. They are the ideal type of fixing for securing heavy, high dependency loads on masonry and concrete, as they will not expand and cause cracking. Chemical fixings comprise of steel rods or bars, used with chemical resin tubes or resin capsules. The chemical resin is injected into a pre-drilled hole. Once the rod or bar is inserted and the resin cures, it bonds to the masonry or concrete. They will then be able to secure heavy machines, steelwork and timber constructions, staircases and guard rails, for example. Chemical fixings create a watertight seal, so you can use them outside and inside.

The fischer Highbond Anchor FHB II-A L is designed for use with the fischer FHB II-P Resin Capsule. This premium fixing solution can be used in cracked concrete as well as non-cracked.

The fischer Threaded Rod FTR is suitable for use with the fischer RSB Resin Capsule. This duo is a cost effective chemical fixing solution where no approval is needed. For use in both natural stone and concrete.

We specifically recommend using the fischer FIS P Plus Chemical Resin with our Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets. This is in order to achieve a higher weight capacity for heavy loads. This chemical fixing can also be used with the dot and dab version of our Multi Wall Concealed Floating Shelf Brackets. Use this resin to strengthen the fixing in the cavity and therefore increase the weight capacity per bracket.

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