Tools & Jigs

Make putting anything up the wall quicker and easier with our range of tools, jigs and accessories, from shelf spacers to spirit levels.

Hand Tools – We have simple yet effective products which are essentials in anyone’s toolbox. Including sealant guns, spirit levels, masonry cleaning brushes and marking tools. For example, the Marxman Professional Marking Tool. This shelf tool is an ideal drilling companion as it easily and clearly marks almost any surface even through deep holes such as timber framing.

Jigs – Here you will find a range of shelf tools that we have developed to aid with the installation of shelves and other wall hanging items. For example, our Hexagon Shelf Alignment Tool for perfectly spacing hexagon shelves. We also have a Routing Jig designed for use with our Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets. This shelf tool helps make the process of routing a pocket for the retaining plate and drilling into the shelf much simpler and quicker.

Power Tools – Featuring the fischer FGW 90F 1st Fix Framing Nail Gun Set for quick and easy fastening in wooden constructions. Ideal for fencing, stud work and battens, to name a few.

If there is any other helpful products you would like to see here, then please contact us with your suggestions.