Tools & Jigs

Putting up a shelf or anything on the wall can present itself to be a DIY nightmare at times. We aim to make it as simple as possible for the average DIYer to do a professional looking job with our shelf tools and accessories.

Here you will find a range of shelf tools that we have developed to aid with the installation of shelves and other wall hanging items. Spacers for aligning hexagon and square shelves will give you a perfectly spaced layout with minimal effort. Our Hexagon Painting Tool will give you the perfect template for marking out painted hexagons on the wall. We also have a routing jig designed for use with our Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets. This shelf tool helps make the process of routing a pocket for the retaining plate and drilling into the shelf much simpler and quicker.

We also have some branded products available, which are simple yet effective. For example, the Marxman Professional Marking Tool. This shelf tool is an ideal drilling companion as it easily and clearly marks almost any surface. Are you using a chemical resin during installation, as we suggest with some of our floating shelf brackets? Then the fischer Cleaning Brush will quickly and easily clear the drill hole out of dust and debris.

We are developing and expanding our range of shelf tools all the time. Is there something similar that you just wish existed for the sake of making life easier? Then please contact us and we might just be able to make it happen!