Sealants & Adhesives

We have a small range of sealants and adhesives available by fischer Fixings.

Sealants are generally for bridging the gap between two materials. Sealing the gap also protects the surface underneath from water and dirt, for example. The fischer Multi-Silicone is ideal if you need to seal a range of different surfaces in your home. Use for connection and expansion joints due to its 25% elasticity. Its fungicidal properties mean you can also use it in kitchens and bathrooms. Alternatively, the fischer Sanitary Silicone is specifically designed for sanitary and kitchen applications. This silicone has a high resistance to moisture, weather influences and ageing.

Adhesives are for sticking or bonding materials together. Our adhesives are chemical resin based, so you can secure a bracket or anchor into masonry. This bracket or anchor then holds extremely heavy loads. You can view our full range of chemical fixings including the brackets and anchors here.

Our sealants and adhesives accessories include the fischer Sealant Applicator Gun, for standard injection cartridges.

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