A range of fischer Fixings and Timco screws suitable for wood, drywall, plasterboard, plastic and metal, including specialist decking and flooring. Available in a wide range of sizes and applications suited for both internal and external use. Below is a description of the various types that we stock and their recommended application.

Decking Screws – For a secure, splinter free installation of wooden decking and terrace systems. Suitable for use in both hard woods, soft woods and composite decking. We recommend fischer Power-Fast Decking in stainless steel for harsh environments or Timco’s C2 Deck-fix for standard decking applications.

Drywall Screws – With a coarse thread and treated for corrosion protection, fischer’s Drywall option is the ideal solution for plasterboard and drywall installation on wooden and pressed steel type stud work.

Flooring Screws – Perfect to use when laying solid wooden, engineered oak flooring and softwood floorboards. The narrow countersunk head of fischer’s Power-Fast Flooring means it is virtually invisible on tongue and groove boards when installed. These are also suitable for blind fixing wooden flooring.

Multi-Purpose Wood Screws – General purpose wood screws such as Timco’s Classic Yellow and Timco Solo Yellow are a great economical option. Whereas, the C2 Strong-fix and the fischer Power-Fast II are a fast cutting, tougher option. Comparable in quality with the Spax and Reisser brands, but more competitively priced.

Roofing Screws – Timco’s Stitching Screws are suitable for stitching together metal roofing sheets and cladding. Meanwhile, their Self-Drill Light Duty option is suited to joining sheet metal and light section steel.

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