Wall Plugs

A range of the best wall plugs for solid, plasterboard, drywall and dot and dab walls. We sell only trusted brands including fischer Fixings, GripIt Fixings and Corefix.

The standard wall plugs are generally suitable for brick, concrete and natural stone applications. They can also be used in other solid materials such as wood and chipboard. Many have an expansion feature to ensure maximum hold and prevent slipping into the drill hole. One of these is the very popular fischer Duopower Wall Plug. This is the perfect product to buy when you are unsure what kind of wall you have, as its clever design means it can adapt to different wall types.

If you are looking for specific plasterboard plugs or drywall plugs to complete your plasterboard fixings, then there are some great options. One of these is the fischer Duotec Plasterboard Toggle Fixing, which we use as part of our own range of floating shelf brackets. These heavy duty wall plugs are narrow and so are perfect for fitting a slimline item, like a floating shelf. We also recommend GripIt Fixings, which feature uniquely patented designed slim gripping wings. These fixings have a range of size and weight capacity options to choose from.

Many modern houses are built with dot and dab walls and Corefix produce specialist dot and dab wall plugs. This engineered fixing with a steel core ‘bridges the gap’ between the plasterboard and wall. The fixing therefore secures into the masonry to achieve high load values.