fischer RSB Resin Capsule Standard

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The fischer RSB Resin Capsule is designed to secure heavy loads in cracked and non-cracked concrete, when used in conjunction with a suitable threaded rod.


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Product Description

The fischer RSB Resin Capsule is a system component of fischer’s Superbond System. Along with one of the threaded rods from the same system, the RSB Resin Capsule is suitable for the introduction of high loads in cracked and non-cracked concrete. They are also suitable for dense natural stone. Examples of high loads that can be secured with the RSB capsules are heavy steel constructions, sound barriers and tall shelving.

The following fischer threaded rods are suitable for use with the capsules;

The FTR Threaded Rod is a cost effective system component to use with the resin capsules where no approval is necessary.

fischer offers a standard size RSB capsule and a mini RSB capsule – we currently only offer the former.

Size Specifications

  • RSB 8 – drill diameter 10mm, drill hole/anchorage depth 80mm
  • RSB 10 – drill diameter 12mm, drill hole/anchorage depth 90mm
  • RSB 12 – drill diameter 14mm, drill hole/anchorage depth 110mm
  • RSB 16 – drill diameter 18mm, drill hole/anchorage depth 125mm
  • RSB 20 – drill diameter 25mm, drill hole/anchorage depth 170mm

fischer RSB Resin Capsule Advantages

  • The pre-portioned RSB resin capsule is especially cost effective for individual applications and overhead installations.
  • The ideal solution for difficult conditions and installations with no waiting time due to its short hardening time.
  • Approval compliant processing down to -30°C and for water-filled and diamond-drilled holes.
  • Also approved for seismic applications in performance category C1 (only when used in conjunction with the RG M Threaded Rod).
  • Fire resistance class R120 for added safety.
  • The use of the RG M I Internal Threaded Anchor enables the surface flush removal of the fixture and the reuse of the fixing point.

fischer RSB Resin Capsule Functioning

  • The 2-component RSB resin capsule contains vinyl ester hybrid mortar with silane technology. Suitable for pre-positioned installation.
  • During setting, the oblique edge of the anchoring element destroys the capsule, and mixes and activates the mortar.
  • The glass particles of the capsule body roughen the inside of the drill hole. This reduces the cleaning effort to just four blowing passes.
  • The mortar bonds the entire surface of the anchor rod with the drill hole wall and seals the drill hole.

Building Materials

Below are some examples of installation for the RSB resin capsule within different wall types. If you are unsure of what type of wall you may have then please see our guide on What Type of Wall Do I Have?

Approved for anchorings in:

  • Concrete C20/25 to C50/60, cracked and non-cracked

Also suitable for:

  • Natural stone with dense structure


Heavy steel constructions | Silo installations | Tall shelving | Sound barriers | Guard rails | Staircases


Solid Wall Installation

fischer Resin Capsule RSB with Threaded Rod RG M Load Ratings

fischer Resin Capsule RSB with Internal Threaded Anchor RG M I Load Ratings

fischer RSB Resin Capsule Declaration of Performance

fischer RSB Resin Capsule Safety Data Sheet

fischer RSB Resin Capsule Installation Instructions

fischer RSB Resin Capsule European Technical Assessment


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