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Light Duty Floating Shelf Bracket


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Product Description

Sold individually, our light duty floating shelf bracket is the type that we use in our geometric shelves. For solid wall fitting, the concealed shelf bracket comes provided with a Fischer SX8 wall plug. For plasterboard walls, the concealed shelf bracket comes provided with a Gripit Green fixing. We recommend this invisible shelf bracket for light use in solid or plasterboard walls. You will require an 8mm masonry drill bit for installing the solid wall variation of this fixing.

The barrel for this fixing measures 80mm making it suitable for supporting small, light duty shelves. The hidden shelf bracket has a rating of 4kgs per fixing when used in a solid wall. For larger depth and weight shelves we recommend using our Solid Wall Floating Shelf Brackets or Plasterboard Floating Shelf Brackets.

For our light duty floating shelf brackets, we recommend per meter of shelf that you use two fixings for solid wall and four fixings for plasterboard, based on a 100mm depth of floating shelf. However you should use your own discretion when calculating fixing spacings. Fixing quantities should be based on the expected shelf usage and strength of the wall.

We produce these floating shelf brackets with a specific diameter that ensures a snug fit in a 12.5mm mounting hole. This eliminates the need for a locking screw or knurling on the fixing to hold your shelf in place. We recommend using a 12.5mm HSS drill bit for drilling the shelf. We offset the screw thread to the barrel to give you fine levelling adjustment of the shelf during fitting.

If you are unsure of which fixing might be best for your application, then don’t hesitate to contact us and we should be able to advise you.

All our shelf fixings are of our own design and they are made solely for BespOak Interiors. Consequently they are only available to buy direct. Please contact us for information on bulk pricing options for any of the fixings in our range.


Please head to the “Video” tab above for our handy visual guide on using these brackets to fit one of our hexagon shelves.



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