Paslode IM350+ Stainless Steel Nails Pack with Fuel Cell

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Product Description

Paslode have various trade packs available for the IM350+ Lithium Gas Cordless Framing Nailer model, including in this instance both stainless steel nails and a fuel cell. Paslode are renowned for their high quality nails that offer optimum performance.


  • 51 x 2.8mm (Length x Shank Diameter) Ring SS Package – 1,100 SS nails, ring shank, 1 fuel cell
  • 63 x 2.8mm Ring SS Package – 1,100 SS nails, ring shank, 1 fuel cell


  • Stainless steel nails are suitable for outdoor applications
  • Made from austenitic stainless steel (A2-304)
  • Conforms to Eurocode 5 and Service Class 3
  • Diamond point with a clipped head

Paslode Safety Data Sheet for Fuel Cells