Square Shelf Alignment Tool


Get precision, repeatable gapping on your square shelf installation with our handy alignment tool!

Estimated Dispatch Time: 1-2 working days


Product Description

We’ve created this handy tool to help ensure your square shelf installation will be spot on. Sized specifically to suit our square shelves, this guide will help you perfectly re create the standard spacing that we use for our square shelves.

You can fit our square shelves in just about any layout, shape or spacing you like. We have found that a gap of 30mm between shelves creates an added depth and great effect to installations. Even a small variation in this measurement can make an installation look slightly wrong. This alignment tool will help you to maintain this gap perfectly as well as centring a shelf in between two others in a tiling installation.

Simply begin by installing and levelling your first shelf, then add the remaining shelves using any existing face of the square. Precision CNC cut from 25mm MDF this is a must have tool for installing multiple square wall shelves accurately!