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Heavy Duty Shelf Bracket Routing Jig


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Product Description

Our heavy duty floating shelf brackets require you to recess the retaining plate in order to get a flush fitment to the wall. This can be done either by setting the plate into the wall or recessing it into the shelf. We use the later method in our heavy duty floating shelves as it makes installation for the customer much more straight forward.

We have designed this heavy duty shelf bracket routing jig to make the job much simpler and speed up installation if you are drilling your own shelves. Made from CNC cut, high quality melamine faced MDF and fitted with an aluminium guide fence. This shelf bracket routing jig will see you through a lifetimes worth of heavy duty shelf bracket installations.

Using the Heavy Duty Shelf Bracket Routing Jig

Set the fence on the jig to centre it on the edge of your shelf. Use the alignment marks to position this correctly then tighten the fence screws to set up the jig for quick multiple cuts. Using quick clamps or similar, clamp the jig to the edge of your shelf and use the alignment lines to centre it over the fixing position. Fit your router with a standard 30mm guide bush, a 12.7 (1/2″) router bit and cut the recess to a depth of 10mm. Using this method will ensure that your cutout is sized perfectly to suit our heavy duty shelf bracket retaining plate. Next you can proceed to drill the 14mm hole recommended for the concealed fixing barrel.


A video on how to use our heavy duty shelf bracket routing jig is coming soon.


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