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Product Description

Our heavy duty floating shelf brackets are among the strongest available on the market, rated at 40kg load per bracket. We recommend these for heavy duty floating shelves in depths of up to 400mm. They come provided with two Spax retaining screws complete with Fischer UX8 wall plugs. We recommend these heavy duty floating shelf brackets for use with solid walls only. You can use the wall brackets in plasterboard wall situations but they will require fixing into stud work.

The incredibly strong 12mm solid bar runs through the centre of the shelf bracket and is set into the wall. This removes the weak spot often found in other types of floating shelf bracket. This means that you can use these wall brackets for supporting deep floating shelves. Our heavy duty floating shelf brackets can support bedside tables and even sink basins making them truly versatile and reliable.

For lighter duty floating shelf applications please see our Multi Wall Floating Shelf Brackets or Light Duty Floating Shelf Brackets. As we design all of our own fixings we should have a solution for almost every wall and shelf type.

Fitting our Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets

Please head to the “Video” tab above for routing, drilling, fitting and weight testing videos.

For installation of these heavy duty floating shelf brackets we recommend a 14mm hole to secure the main shelf pin and two 8mm holes for the retaining screws. Therefore you will require 8mm and 14mm masonry drill bits for installing this fixing. For drilling into the back of the shelf we recommend a 14mm auger bit. To achieve the 40kg load rating we also recommend that you install the shelf brackets using our chemical resin method.

We set these floating shelf brackets into floating shelves with a routed pocket that clears the fixing plate. You will need to do this in order to achieve a flush fitment to the wall. This can be done easily with the addition of our Heavy Duty Shelf Bracket Routing Jig and a standard 12.7mm router bit.

For our heavy duty floating shelf brackets we recommend using three fixings per meter of shelf. This is based on a typical 400mm depth oak floating shelf. However you should use your own discretion when calculating fixing spacings. Fixing quantity should be based on the expected shelf usage and strength of the wall.

If you are unsure of which fixing might be best for your application then don’t hesitate to contact us and we should be able to advise you.

All our shelf fixings are of our own design and they are made solely for BespOak Interiors. Consequently they are only available to buy direct. Please contact us for information on bulk pricing options for any of the fixings in our range.


Below you can find our recommended drilling profiles for our heavy duty floating shelf brackets.

Solid Wall Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Drilling Profile Drawing.pdf

You can use our Heavy Duty Shelf Bracket Routing Jig for routing the pocket to recess the retaining plate.

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This item can be returned for a refund within 30 days of receipt, providing it has not been used. Please email us directly if you wish to return any hardware item. For full details please see our Terms and Conditions.

18 reviews for Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Bracket

  1. Mark Hearn

    Ordered these for a couple of shelving projects, service was excellent, prompt delivery.
    The best heavy duty brackets I could find with enough length to cut down if needed.
    I would thoroughly recommend these brackets.

  2. Christopher Fudge

    Looks 👍 forward to putting the shelf up great communication great price

  3. Freddy

    Thank you for the brackets, really quick service and really good quality

  4. James B

    Great product – Used correctly with the resin you could hang a battleship off of these. Hung solid 30mm oak shelves from mine in to Thermalite block so I also switched the position of the cross bar to vertical (requires recessing in to the plaster as opposed to the shelf) for extra support.

  5. Andrew Winfield

    Great service. I wanted a strong fitting for floating shelf in kitchen to take all my wife’s cooking books. I rang BespOak first for advice then ordered two brackets with resin plus the drill and auger bit. All assembled as per instructions and shelf is as firm as a rock.

  6. V Miller

    Seriously strong! I used the chemical resin and the bracket is solid 💪

  7. Phillip Lys

    I was impressed with the speed at which they arrived and the product itself, however I have a few warnings as my install was not so easy.
    I was installing on a pre tiled wall which was not a hassle, I drilled out the correct hole sizes, but the bracket would not fit flush on the tile surface. This was due to the fact that the weld is on the short side (wall side) and creates a 3-4mm bump (weld bead). To overcome this I had to do some fancy grinding to remove weld splatter and make the wall hole much bigger to accommodate the weld bead. It would be much better if the units were induction welded so not giving this problem.

  8. Gareth Jones

    The eight heavy duty wall brackets were delivered on time. Well packaged and fit for purpose. the job was completed on time two days later. I did however have to make the front of the holes slightly larger to accommodate the welds on the wall end.

  9. Simon Scott

    These heavy duty brackets are the best design that I have seen anywhere. The really helpful practical advice from BespOak for my specific application was the icing on the cake for me.
    I wanted to mount a lovely (heavy) old piece of oak timber above my hearth as a floating shelf mantelpiece. Used a chemical resin to bond the wall section of the bracket in place. The mantelpiece is now as solid as a rock & looks fantastic. I’ve never tried anything as challenging as this before, but thanks to the advice provided, it’s gone really well & my wife is very pleased.
    I’ve already recommended the bracket to friends & family. The only feedback for improvement would be to modify the instructions & open up the hole in the wall to allow for the weld material on the crosspiece as flagged by another reviewer.

  10. Kristina Evawin

    I wanted some heavy duty brackets to put up a couple of 2.1m solid bamboo shelves in my kitchen, and after looking at many options from different retailers, these ones came up top. They definitely looked the most load-bearing and I appreciated the advice to use chemical resin to secure them as well.

    I’m pleased to report that the brackets are as study as a rock and have held the weight of the shelves as well as plates, glasses and jar of dry food without any issues.

    Delivery was pretty quick and the customer services team were great replying to a couple of questions I had before purchase, so I rate them positively.

  11. Joe Mehers

    Wonderful service from start to finish. Sasha replied to every e mail I sent promptly. The product arrived as stated and was packaged appropriately. The brackets were really good quality and supplied with screws etc. Nice to see good customer service at its best. Well done BespOak

  12. julie byrne

    Excellent product and great communication from company re delivery.

  13. David L

    I bought a handful of these shelves for delivery to France. Despite these post Brexit times, delivery was quick and efficient thanks to the excellent customer service of the Bespoak Interiors team. Brackets are very well made a thought out as well.

  14. Ryan

    Very strong brackets but why oh why is the weld on the wall side it’s much harder to get it to sit flush to the wall making it a nightmare fitting it to finished plastered walls

    • admin

      The retaining plate on the bracket only serves the purpose of holding the main rod in position, all of the strength in the bracket actually comes from this main support rod. The retaining plate therefore does not need to sit flush with the wall and tightening it so that only the tips of the plate contact the wall is perfectly sufficient.

  15. Graham Cooper

    Two x 3 metre long x 33cm deep shelves sturdily secured in place thanks to BespOak heavy duty floating shelf brackets.

  16. Keith

    Excellent service and great product, what else is there to say!

  17. Sarah Bradley

    Absolutely fantastic, we ordered 4 of these for our very heavy oak beam above the fireplace

  18. Richard D

    Very good fixing. Very solid when used with the recommended Resin filler. Would definitely use these fixings again. They were a bit longer than I needed, but easily shortened with a hacksaw.
    Great service from “Bespoke”.

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