Our Brightest Tree Shelf Yet

Our newest tree shelf commission has brought with it a whole new element to the designs that we can now offer by incorporating lighting throughout its branches.

We were approached to design a tree shelf that would make an interesting and unique feature out of an existing large, blank wall space. Very often overlooked, staircase walls are difficult to access and are a large area of the house that is usually just left as is. A staircase is a fantastic space for the bespoke design of one of our tree shelf installations. Spanning the floors of a house they very often present a tall, wide, inclined canvas to work with making them an ideal space for fitting a tree shelf into.

To add a whole new element to the design we incorporated lighting into this tree. This is the first time that we had done this and the results at the end were incredible! All of the cabling was run through channels cut out in the back of each branch meaning it is completely sealed. The transformers for the LED lights were set inside the base of the trunk meaning they too were out of sight.

Upon fitting the tree we decided to add some oak diffusing pieces to go over the lights. As the tree can be seen from a wide range of angles when walking both up and down the stairs, there were a lot of places where the direct light was dazzling and detracted from the natural look of the tree. The diffusing pieces allowed us to control this by individually setting each one after installation. This also allowed us to adjust the shadow of each light against the wall, to make sure the light coverage was even throughout the tree.

The tree design itself came from our standard Windswept Tree shelf, which gave us the starting point and inspiration for the design. We then added corner features to make the most of the available space. The branch that comes around under the window has an increased depth to create a reading area for the young children. You will notice we also included a matching bark edge stool with the tree to fit in seamlessly with the design.

We are intending to offer lighting as an option across our full tree shelf range later in the year and look forward to offering this as an option on future commission work as well.

If you would like to talk to us about the possibility of a similar commission then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!