Two fischer Products Go “Plus”

fischer Fixings have released new and improved versions of their original SX Expansion Wall Plug and FAZ II Bolt Anchor, adding “Plus” to the title. Introducing the new SX Plus Expansion Wall Plug and FAZ II Plus Bolt Anchor! (Please note that both original products are being discontinued and are only available while stocks last.)

So what’s different with the “Plus” versions in comparison to the originals? Keep reading to find out!

New fischer product images - SX Plus Expansion Wall Plug and FAZ II Plus Bolt Anchor.


SX Plus Expansion Wall Plug

  • Designed to be a high quality replacement for the traditional red, yellow and brown wall plugs.
  • New fixing wings lock the screw into place after inserting the plug – perfect for overhead applications like lighting.
  • Improved tightening torque makes it easier to identify when the the screw is properly installed.

Original features such as four way expansion in solid and hollow building materials, serrated edges and a pronounced rim, all remain the same with the new SX Plus.


FAZ II Plus Bolt Anchor

  • Increased tensile strength means fewer anchors and fixing points are necessary.
  • Now suitable to fit in steel fibre concrete and solid sand lime brick, as well as concrete (cracked and non-cracked).
  • Diameters 10mm-24mm can absorb seismic loads (performance categories C1 and C2).
  • Diameters 16mm-24mm now have approval for dynamic loads, such as lifting platforms and conveyor belts.
  • Cleaning of the drill hole beforehand is no longer essential, meaning installation is quicker and easier.
  • 10mm-24mm diameters have a 120 year service life.

The new FAZ II Plus still functions in the same manner as the original, with an expansion sleeve that secures it in the drill hole upon tightening.

If you have any questions about the new fischer SX Plus, FAZ II Plus or any other products in the fischer range, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find out more about fischer themselves on their website here.


*We are an authorised fischer distributor but this post is not an ad and does not contain affiliate links.

Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Bracket Now Available in Two Sizes


The Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Bracket has been part of our range since 2018, but we only ever commissioned it in one size. At the time, the business was making oak shelving and we needed a strong, reliable bracket specifically for our 275mm-400mm deep shelves. So since then the Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Bracket, with its 250mm long bar that sits inside the shelf, has helped to install many thousands of deep, heavy shelves.

In recent years, especially since we stopped making shelving and have been focusing on shelf brackets and hardware, one of our most frequently asked questions has been whether we have a smaller version of the heavy duty brackets available. We are pleased to confirm that following sales of a small test batch earlier in the year, we have permanently added a smaller size to our range.

The smaller version of the Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Bracket has a 150mm long bar that sits inside the shelf. Therefore it is suitable for shallower shelves from 175mm-275mm deep that require a higher weight capacity. All other dimensions of the bracket, such as the retaining plate and diameter, remain the same as the 250mm long version. The weight capacity is also the same at 20kg per bracket or 40kg per bracket when fitted alongside a chemical resin.

To find out more, or purchase the Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Bracket in either size, you can visit the product page here. If you have any questions, please contact us.