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Floating Shelf Brackets and How to Fit a Floating Shelf

Fitting anything to the wall in houses can present a world of problems. There are many different types of wall and each presents its own issues. Here you can find some advice on how to fit a floating shelf to different types of wall, along with an explanation of our floating shelf bracket range.

Over the years we have had to turn down endless customers because our floating shelves wouldn’t be suitable for their wall. Even worse, we’ve had customers who have had their new shelf delivered, but upon drilling they have found their wall makeup wasn’t what they realised and the shelf can’t be used.

Floating shelf bracket options had previously been restricted to solid walls with a standard wall plug and that’s it. In a bid to give our customers the best fighting chance and greater flexibility, we decided to design our own range of floating shelf brackets. These would fall in line with increasing developments in wall fixings and are provided with the best quality wall fixings that are available (as cheap quality, product supplied fixings are a pet hate of ours). As of 2019 we are excited to have finally launched these fixings, all of which you can find in the hardware section on our website.

Floating shelf brackets heavy duty shelf brackets plasterboard shelf brackets drywall shelf bracket wall bracket floating shelf wide

Standard Solid Wall Floating Shelf Brackets

Floating shelf brackets medium duty solid wall long floating shelf bracket concealed shelf supports sqOur standard solid wall floating shelf brackets may appear very similar to current market options, but a few tweaks make them far more versatile. The high quality machined threads will not break during installation, as we have seen in many instances before with cheap quality floating shelf fixings. This variation is supplied with a Fischer UX10 wall plug. This plug far exceeds any others in our opinion, as the sharp wings on the plug prevent slipping during installation and the large expanding section of the plug will hold, should you hit a cavity in the wall during drilling.

Our floating shelf brackets all have an interchangeable thread system. You can remove the threaded part and swap it for another type should your wall surface catch you out. This means we can send you a different thread option without the need for replacing the whole floating shelf bracket.

You can see the recommended fitting method for our solid wall floating shelves in the video below.

Plasterboard Floating Shelf Brackets

Plasterboard floating shelf brackets gripit long floating shelf bracket concealed shelf supports for plasterboard sqBy changing out the thread section on our concealed plasterboard floating shelf fixings¬†you can fix your shelf solely to a plasterboard surface, via the use of a Gripit brown fixing. If you haven’t already seen or used Gripit fixings then do go and check them out. Their fixings give incredible strength when securing to plasterboard and they are the sole reason that we are now able to offer plasterboard floating shelves.

This fixing will enable you to fit a floating shelf to only the plasterboard section of your wall, without the need for alignment with the stud work or any additional supporting structure. We test these plasterboard floating shelf brackets to a weight of 5kgs, on a 9mm plasterboard wall. For our test we position 5kgs at the end of a 120mm bracket which accounts for the leverage effect experienced with floating shelves. We do this in the worst case scenario of a 9mm, thin plasterboard wall.


Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets

Heavy duty floating shelf brackets strong floating shelf bracket concealed shelf supports for solid walls sqOur heavy duty floating shelf brackets should have you covered for the highest load rating that you should ever need from a floating wall shelf. We have tested a pair of these up to 100kgs and were confident they could have taken more (if we had another bag of plaster).

These shelf brackets will hold floating sink basin shelves, media shelves for record players and amplifiers. You can use them to form floating bedside tables and a whole range of other uses along the way. If strength and reliability is what you need then these are the bracket to go for.

We only recommend that you fit these to solid walls due to the support that is needed on the main floating shelf support pin. You can fit these heavy duty shelf brackets to plasterboard walls but they will need substantial timber work in place behind the wall in order to offer the support needed. It is likely after all that the failure point will be the wall and not the bracket!

We recommend installation using a chemical resin method for guaranteed strength and we’ve done a handy video to show you the process.

If you are unsure of which of our floating shelf brackets might be best for your application then feel free to contact us and we should be able to offer advice on what might work best for you.